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The decision to live independently can be momentous. It involves starting to take everyday risks that have previously been found to be overwhelming.  It is overcoming a state of powerlessness and the re-gaining of control over one’s life.

That is why at Focus Care Supported Living we encourage people to take small steps, in order to help them begin to set short and long-term goals.  Enabling people to achieve individual goals which gradually help towards rebuilding self-esteem, and allow people to effectively manage and regain some or total control over their life.

Our enhanced care and recovery approach (ECRA) encourages people to take calculated risks to prevent social exclusion and discrimination in all facets of their life. We support people by empowering them to make choices, influence and control the day-to-day events in their lives.

We understand that the key to independence is the removal of formal or informal barriers by transforming the power relations between individuals, communities and services. We do this by supporting people to enjoy a good quality independent life style that is important to all of us.

Independence includes being able to develop and maintain control over decisions that affect our lives, maintaining health and wellbeing, learning and maintaining skills throughout our lives and having the respect of others around us. Other aspects we recognize influence the perception of people about independence is our ability to work, have an education, enjoy leisure activities, and have our own homes or tenancy’s.

Focus Care offers a wide range of services, including support and care to assist you to live the life that you want.

We believe that through care and support we can reable / enable people to exercise this fundamental human right to self-reliance, participation in decisions, dignity and respect and ultimately belonging and contributing to a wider community.

We understand that the process of achieving Independence starts with individually defined needs and the resources that support it. Therefore our staff team focus on supporting and empowering people to work toward self-determination and autonomy, to exert more influence on making choices and decision-making and to gain increased self-esteem, through establishing social networks and activities which will support people through difficult transitions and periods of vulnerability in their lives.

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