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Focus Care Supported Living is an equal opportunity employer. We employ people from various backgrounds and welcome the diversity of knowledge, skills and experience that our care and support staff bring to the workplace.

We recruit people that are commitment to providing the highest standards of care and support to our service users.


The characteristics we seek in applicants are those people with a clear sense of purpose. They are value driven and congruent with the company philosophy, strong role models, have high expectations and are persistent. They are self-knowing and have a perpetual desire for life-long learning and passionate about their work,  identify themselves as change agents and are enthusiastic, able to attract and inspire others, effective communicators, risk-takers, visionary, unwilling to believe in failure, listen to all viewpoints to develop a spirit of cooperation, willing to mentor and able to deal with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity.


The qualities we seek are punctuality, honesty, integrity, reliability, efficiency and compassion.

In return Focus Care Supported Living provides you with a working environment in which your creativity and innovation will be recognised.  We will value you and your opinions in decision-making processes. You will receive excellent training and support on route to self-actualisation within your professional role.


All our staff receives excellent induction training with ongoing statutory, mandatory and CPD training for professional development.


Staff have an annual appraisal and at least six supervisions annually at which time the employee has the opportunity to discuss and review career aspirations.

As well as hands-on positions for care and support staff at Focus Care Supported Living, there are opportunities in many other areas throughout the UK due to our continuous expansion, including:

  • Care and support workers

  • Quality management,

  • Team leaders,

  • Home/branch management,

  • Administration,

  • Human resources,

  • Finance and business development.

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