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Focus Care Supported Living is committed to enabling and empowering individuals that live in their own homes or homes with Short Term Tenancy’s to achieve their maximum potential for good health and independence through their own perception of well-being and recovery.

Using outcomes based tools for objective measurement of achieved outcomes and preventing relapse through involving individuals to choose the goals they wish to set for recovery.

We will promote recovery by building social, economic and other links to full community participation by empowering people to access and exercise their rights and entitlements.

We value people and their decisions by supporting them to take the lead in making the changes they want to make in their lives which will enable them to be fully participant within their chosen communities and have their voices heard about how they perceive recovery.

Recovery involves the mastery of skills a few at a time and this step-by-step approach is what Focus Care Supported Living appreciates and supports people with in regaining or enabling social independence.

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