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Using the Care Programme Approach (CPA) and Person-Centred Careplanning our  team will adopt a comprehensive enablement focussed approach which is aimed at promoting reablement/enablement, recovery, independence and preventing relapse.

The aim of this care pathway is to enhance the quality of support and care provided to people living in the community, by improving re-enablement subsequent to extended institutionalisation or hospital stays, whilst promoting their safety and increasing the individual’s opportunities to independent living through optimizing clinical input from within the community.

Re-enabling people back into their own homes or through other tenancy’s from institutional, residential or other bed-based care to community based home life settings.

Supporting and involving people to make gains towards recovery which are achieved in an integrated, holistic, person-centred manner through the individuals understanding of their own reality for enablement and recovery.

Empowering people to make informed choices about their lives and their right to a life which fulfils their personal potential and supporting them to achieve and optimize their level of recovery and indepence as citizens.

Working in partnerships with individuals and their families/advocates to achieve the best long-term relationships to develop and enable positive outcomes.

Enable people to become an inclusive and participative member of society.

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